Many R’s Podcast – S1E8

December 26, 2021 12:00:00 AM AEDT | Current projects Many R’s Podcast – S1E8

Discover the latest updates and reflections in the final episode of Many R's Podcast Season 1. Dive into a recap of 2021, personal experiences, and where some key players are now. Stay tuned for what's to come in Season 2!

Many R’s Podcast – S1E8





rogues rascals receivables rorts rip-offs receivers real estate agents and much much more this is the many r’s podcast season 1 episode 8 our final episode for season 1 my name is mark smith from dc partner solutions give us a call 1-300-327-123 or contact us chat with us online or use our instant chat tools

well in this episode we’re having a review of 2021 we’re going to see how many R and where R they now for some of them some of the special R’s we’re also gonna have a look ahead at season 2 so what is ’round the corner

well where do we start a recap let’s start with me personally been a little gap between season 1 episode 7.5 and season 1 episode 8 which is today and i’ve had quite an adventure our last episode was on the 15th of september and on the 1st of october i had a huge huge awakening moment and let’s just have a look this photo is a photo of my heart contrary to popular belief there is a heart in there and this is what your this is what a blocked artery looks like and we’re just gonna go and have a look now at an unblocked one and wow this is a stand i actually had a heart attack on the 1st of october and that this missing tree trunk here this very faint line is called my left anterior descending artery and you can see just the tiniest bit of blood sort of getting through and that was quite a crisis so i’ve been i finished my studies in june on my sister’s birthday 16th of june 2021 we moved house on the 28th of june 28th maybe 27th and and took up residence covid the shutdown sydney went into six months of shutdown more or less or five months or however long and i graduated i i elected to graduate in in absentia on the 6th of september for my juris doctor and on the 1st of october i get a very nasty dose of reflux i thought and i can assure you mylanta and those sorts of things did absolutely nothing i i truly thought i did not know i was having a heart attack i thought i had an ulcer or a a dose of reflex or something but turns out no there was a a blocked artery and a very important artery left anterior descending it’s called the widowmaker so i i was gonna drive myself to hospital and good thing well i got my my what i really thought it was just reflux so none of the pains in your in your shoulder so for anyone that’s watching this just you know apparently it felt like a burning reflux right where my where most people’s heart is so i i took myself off to a hospital and within a very very very short period of time i’m talking 20 minutes they’re putting a stent into me so restoring the blood flow and i i would like to i’ll just show you right here that little dot there that’s that’s a scar no no big chest openings they go in through this tiny tiny tiny tiny opening there and i i do have bruises everywhere now unfortunately i i’m on thinners and all sorts of stuff so i i bruise terribly now but i’m alive and i’m very extremely grateful to wonderful doctors who put a stent into me very very quickly and i spent 5 days in hospital so where are they now well sorry where’s our year in review well our blog has actually been on holidays so i had several days in hospital no visitors due to covid and not even my darling wife so i i have great sympathy for those that have been isolated or doing it hard and i feel like i’ve i feel much better since the heart attack i do feel better we’ve this blog has been actually on something of a holiday and well we have decided to at least wrap up season 1 and give you a look at we’ve had plenty of time to think so not everyone has been pleasant to deal with in the aftermath and we’re going to talk about some of that and in this particular episode we’re going to look at where R they now so that’s a wrap on the personal so a number of people said well where’s our blog gone? well come the 1st of october all the nasty letters i had some of our some some of R’S even texting me on holiday i’m texting me in hospital on the very day i’m having my my heart attack they’re texting me and oh dear so anyway we decided to give our blog a bit of a rest for a couple months well you can be sure that not not very many of these opponents have have seen the LIGHT let’s put it that way so some of the blogs will be reintroduced and well here we are here’s our farewell to season 1 so we’re we’re still thinking about all the issues the Blog’s been on holidays but many people have asked well where R they now so um

i i won’t touch on COVID but it has been obviously a very difficult period for many australians and a lot of people that i know as well i can’t cut it i i can’t go past christmas 2021 without saying well i think i think i might i think i’ll make hakan’s his visit with in her majesty’s company i think it’s actually over i think he’s out of jail so i mean that’s that’s where R they now. 131MVR that stands for 131 mona road st ives. and that where where is it now it’s in liquidation and look i’m hearing that there’s there’s big moves a’foot … the liquidator i know i continue to be owed thousands of dollars by that project and well i i and i appointed the liquidator with the assistance of the supreme court of victoria a man called gavin moss and chifley advisory was appointed liquidator well i’m i’m hearing that the liquidator we held public examinations on of the directors of that corporation back in about february or march of 2020. well look i’m hearing that the liquidator has found that the directors and macarthur projects let’s put it this way the director sorry the liquidator wants something like between 7 and 12 million dollars of the company’s money back so the liquidator is looking to the directors and to a company called macarthur projects now i was there i was actually there in the court in the supreme court of new south wales it was actually in the federal court i think i think it was in front of a registrar and you know two days were set aside for public examinations and i was there and one of the questions was okay so you owed a latrobe 7 million dollars is that correct yes that’s right and you repaid that you did yes that’s that’s correct how much did you borrow to repay back the 7 million and these are words the effect and this is all in the public arena so in open court it’s fine for me to discuss it how much did you borrow to pay back the 7 million 12 12. you borrowed 12 to pay back seven yes why’d you do that well i’m just paraphrasing here this is not why did you do that i don’t remember what did you do with the other five don’t recall i mean these are the sorts of these are sorts of questions that we’re at so i mean the liquidators the liquidator has been sitting on this transcript for 12 months or 18 months or whatever and he’s now calling that in well you didn’t need the 12 you only need 7 you borrowed the the company went down the toilet the project 131 mona vale road st ives. did not get finished now exactly whose fault that is i’m not saying whose fault it is but that’s where are they now on 131MVR now let’s have a talk about our other this this whole collective of mates craig adams bargo developments now they’re they’re both in liquidation craig’s in bankruptcy ralph paligaru oh dear one of his companies is in liquidation i put that down that was called dural alliances well mohan kumar he recently had a brush with the torrens assurance fund and lost justice darke we talked about that extensively in episode season 1 episode 7.5 john mahony was his lawyer and unfortunately shot down shot down now let’s let’s have a look at a few files so for the rest of them where are they now well let’s have a look ralph paligaru he’s suing garry steinberg ralph suing garry steinberg and reliance leasing in the supreme court of new south wales now this is the most interesting case because it’s gone precisely absolutely nowhere nowhere so is it a fake lawsuit i mean

you tell me let’s just explore this just a tiny bit more the question is this a fake lawsuit like is this a good question let’s have a look at let’s have a look one of the basic requirements of a lawsuit is the solicitor they’ve got to sign it they’ve got to sign it okay and john mahony is a lawyer he’s been a lawyer for 40 45 50 years i don’t know long long time john money hasn’t signed this document and john only actually has to the any lawyer whoever acts has to sign this signature of legal representative look i mean it’s right there in front of you signature plaintiff plaintiff’s solicitor i certified that under clause whatever that another there are reasonable grounds for believing on the basis of provable facts and a reasonably arguable view of the law that the claim for damages in these proceedings has reasonable prospects of success

that is why john mahony needs to sign this to say okay we’re not here to waste the court’s time well he was the court’s time i and john mahony putting his signature on a piece of paper to say we’re not wasting the court’s time okay well that that signature didn’t happen on the 2nd of march last year now i think that’s that’s coming up to 10 months is that right 10 months 10 months it hasn’t been signed 10 months have gone by and what’s happened with this case well i’ll tell you nothing nothing has happened so this is some correspondence now this is this is a court document this is a court order this is all public on the 7th of december the court ordered the court ordered order this matter is listed for directions on the 10th of february so so much so much has occurred since since it was listed on the second of march that we need a break i mean we’re just so productive so we’re gonna we’re gonna push it out to 11 months there so 10th of february is more than 11 months since it was filed and what’s happened nothing nothing nothing nothing so and and why has nothing happened now who are the parties let’s just remind ourselves who are the parties so we’ve got ralph and reliance leasing parties ralph ignatius paligaru plaintiff, defendant reliance leasing so they’re the parties and and the disputes between them so you would think that that has to be resolved between them but no i don’t know so these aren’t my words these are the words of john mahony and tim horne was my lawyer okay just let’s just refresh tim horne signed this consent judgement on behalf capacity solicitor defendant consents yeah defender consents ralph and amreeta consent consent judge that’s why it’s called a consent judgment it’s judgment by consent yeah we all agree we’re consenting

yet i’m not even a party so why does tim horne say and and john mahony agree what do they agree this is on the 7th of september december 7th of december requests submitted by tim horne for four for me nope no no four reliance leasing the case paligaru versus reliance leasing the request the request is that the matter be listed for directions in february reasons reasons ah the intended settlement of this matter has got nothing to do with me i’m not even a party has been frustrated by a third party

by a third party who’s going to get nothing out of it absolutely nothing the third party’s frustrated this so remind ourselves this authority was to pay to pay me no no no so my company gets positioned at the loan on the first of september 2017 there’s this elaborate pea and thimble trick whatever you want to call it maybe it’s not a trick maybe it is there’s going to be a dispersal from reliance back into the why do why does reliance have to take money out of this pocket and stick it in that one why do they even have to do that well because we’ve got i mean we’ve got a deed here we’ve got a deed of settlement all the fights they’re now over and we’ve solemnly sat down we’ve resolved their differences yet mark smith is now frustrating things how’s mark smith frustrating this not even a party we’re instructed that there remains a possibility that this that this will be resolved shortly and in light of this so i’m just telling you it’s christmas eve if someone wants to resolve this well you know well they’re probably going to have to do something about this that’s you know if you want to p if you if you owned a piece of property and called this debt and reliance leasing is proposing how about we pay you nothing yet yet tim horne tim horn’s a very intelligent man he can go off to the court and say it’s mark smith’s fault because he’s frustrating things i would say that there is well he’s we are instructed there remains a possibility that this will be resolved shortly yeah pigs might fly unless unless a hundred and five thousand dollars it lands up in my pocket plus the interest or you know whatever then the court’s time has just been completely wasted by these two very intelligent people called tim horne and the other party to this is john money they’re both lawyers and and their clients pigs might fly we’re instructed that there that there is a possibility this will be resolved shortly

so that that’s addressing whether this loan is real now we’ll go back and we’ll look some more into this john mahony great lawyer okay he’s handling this he’s running the show he’s he’s the plaintiff’s solicitor and we’ve got ralph ignatius paligaru suing reliance leasing so let’s have a look at this summons and this is where are they now i’m just saying this is where they are i’m not making any judgments i’m just saying this is where they are relief claimed a declaration that the loan agreement of the 26th of may is valid and enforceable so john mahony is after declarations what is the loan agreement of the 26th of may well i’m glad you asked here’s a copy and this is

this is a document to

effectively recycle money so john mahony is after a declaration that this piece of paper is actually valid i mean when you when you start with the assumption that if we sign this piece of paper it’s valid so why would it be invalid

is it is it a mirage i don’t know so the supreme court of new south wales is its time is being taken up and vast money is being spent to determine if this is some sort of scam or mirage or if it’s a declaration that that it’s valid and enforceable ah so the borrower wants a once a declaration from the supreme court that this loan is enforceable but hang on that’s the borrower saying that the it’s a loan and it’s an enforceable loan against the lender well hang on it’s usually the reverse it’s usually the the the lender saying oh hang on we want a declaration that ralph is the money but no no no no this is and so we’re after a declaration that it ought to be specifically performed an order that the defendants specifically perform a carry into effect the loan ah so give us the money give us the money

so okay this is interesting isn’t it so we’ve got this i won’t go into the details because it’s confidential but there is a deed and all the parties on the 11th of march 11th march yes two and a half months before this date they’ve had a big dispute and they agreed to sell okay fine but so hang on the parties dcp litigation reliance ralph and his wife okay well that’s interesting so let’s have a look at the parties on this the summons who are the parties oh well there’s only ralph and reliance

now this is interesting this is normally something that you normally you file something you normally have to sign it you put it in the supreme court where’s the signature i mean can you see it there anyone so it’s an unsigned document who are the parties okay this is ralph and reliance so on the 11th of march all the parties agreed to settle okay right and then on the 26th of may

there’s this agreement to recycle money but hang on didn’t we just settle i mean it gets it gets you know stranger so eleventh march we have this agreement and it and eleventh of march oh i got john mahony ‘s signature on this document for ralph and everybody so everyone agrees if we don’t do what what’s what was agreed to be settled well you can go and get it you can go and get a judgment so this is a consent judgment we consent that if we’re going to do all these things that we agree in may hey march and if we don’t then you can go and file this and and they give us the consent judgment upfront signed by john mahony and later it’s it’s it’s signed by the same people tim horne reliance leasing now he happened to be my lawyers as well and it’s so we jim signs this he was authorised to do so and he was instructed he was given a written instruction by reliance leasing on the third of july let’s go ahead and get this consent judgment because this deed it hasn’t worked out but hang on ralph is seeking specific performance of a loan that you must lend me money but i’m in great of this but you must lend me a hundred and five and a half thousand dollars and what to do is ralph want to get these hundred five thousand dollars no no no no no no here’s the authority just take that from one pocket and stick it in the other i’m in i’m going to the supreme court to force you to take money out of this pocket and put into that pocket wow i mean are you confused what’s the point of all this yeah like it does seem like a bit like smoke and mirrors so it’s it’s a very i mean this is a loan by the way loan 1899

now let’s let’s go back in time to the first of september 2017. one eight double nine oh there you go 1899 so this is a loan that he doesn’t even that ralph wants a order that reliance specifically for form to take it from this pocket and stick it in that pocket but on the first of september 2017 here off reliance leasing this is first of september dear ralph reliance leasing hereby gives you notice that they no longer own the debt ah so where are they now that’s this is a this is some sort of elaborate pea and thimble … something maybe i don’t know reliance leasing gives you notice that they no longer own the debt and that all of it all absolutely you know all all its rights title and interest under the loan agreement guarantees securities it’s giving to my company absolutely absolutely oh there’s the magic words and it’s the loan agreement of the 18th of july and Ralphs got a copy this because i sent a process server in september 2017 i’ve got an affidavit of service that ralph was served this document it’s only two pages but ralph neglected to acknowledge it but ralph was served and he’s now saying well in in may of 2020 26th of may 2020 a debt that was the subject of this settlement dude that involves the replacement it’s called the assignee ralph is now seeking declarations not against me that the reliance leasing must take their own money out of their own pocket and shove it in the other pocket and not give any of it to the to the actual owner so if you were the if you’ve spent four years from 2017 through to 2021 pursuing a hundred thousand dollars and then you sign these deeds and you don’t actually know about this this is this happens all behind your back and then on the 17th of july your lawyer who happens to be reliance’s lawyer yeah they agree well none of these things that were supposed to happen under this debate happen so let’s go and enforce our judgment it’s it’s it must be it must sound very puzzling must sound extremely strange so that’s that’s where ralph is he’s not suing me he’s suing Garry steinberg he’s suing reliance and he’s saying you must you must lend us this these aren’t my words these are ralph’s words we can have a look ralph is sworn   an affidavit so that’s sworn on the second of march and this is all these are all his words um

long story long story but maybe what ralph is saying is that during the there was a meeting that i wasn’t that i didn’t attend but i didn’t even know about during the meeting i ralph had a conversation with mr steinberg to the effect ralph this this is a loan agreement which will refinance the original loan well hang on the original loan oh this one that you you signed over to me yeah yeah that 1899? yeah 1899. the affidavit and this is ralph sworn i wasn’t there i don’t know this is what ralph squares has occurred ralph this is the origin this is a loan agreement which will refinance your original loan i’m prepared to agree to refinance that loan in full in the sof a hundred and five thousand five hundred dollars that’s all you need to pay off the loan say to me paid to Garry steinberg reliance ralph oh so despite smith having taken over the line yeah yeah that’s right smith took it over when did you take that over let’s just refresh yourself first of september 2017. this is what ralph swears so despite smith taking over the loan he will arrange for smith to take no action under the deed that signed in large such that once i signed this agreement all previous agreements relating to the original loan will have been replaced by this agreement now this is a two-party apparently this is a two-party agreement i’m not one of the parties and i think what he’s i think what ralph’s getting at here is Garry saying well he’s my agent really nice to know that wouldn’t it so you know if i’ve got anger and with someone and you know where’s that anger now well maybe it’s it’d be like if you went into westpac and said hey my line with the commonwealth bank can you just make it go away i wish i could say you’re an idiot get out i’ll call call the nutshops anyway ralph’s having this conversation with Garry steinberg apparently this is what ralph says the conversation went by so all previous arrangements relating to the original loan will be replaced is that what’s going to happen Garry yeah yeah that is that is right yes that is right i mean that’s fairly clear yes that is right leave it to me i will take care of smith

really i will take okay how’s that going to work i will take care of smith i will take care of smith so in the first of on the first of october when i’m lying there in hospital the tubes hanging at me and stents and you know having a heart attack wow i was being taken care of i’m actually getting text messages by this pair by ralph and Garry oh you know taking care of me I got a i get a christmas wish today today’s the 24th of december i wish you you know i wish you well from Garry he’s taking care with words no no we want we want Garry to take care with money you know cash Garry to ralph this is on the 26th of may also you only need to pay me what you can afford hang on you pay me to pay off the loan to smith and i’ll take care of smith but you only need to pay me what you can afford

minimum 000 so even if you can’t afford a thousand you pay it to me and i’ll take care of smith ralph yes one thousand is about as much as i can pay and i agree that that will be the repayment no i wasn’t there but this is what they swear what this is what ralph says also as you have no income other than the mill in fiji you won’t have to commence payment under this loan until you start making money like this in the middle of covid two years go by and gary’s making giving undertakings apparently for me

and then the timber mill suddenly blows over in a cyclone very very tragic a lot of destruction so you know i think what gary’s saying here is you don’t have to worry about making any payments i’ll take care of smith yes Garry i agree i will commence payments as soon as the mill starts making money from me and of course the mill’s destroyed so so ralph is forever led off this agreement apparently and i wasn’t even there i wasn’t there and i agreed somehow through Garry steinberg my agent that’s that’s apparently how it all goes so ralph is seeking declarations that this is valid that Garry must remove money from this pocket and stick it in that pocket and that makes mark smith go away despite that so this is on the 25th of 26th of may but in july of the same year last year Garry tells his and my lawyer tim Horne yep sign now this is what an election looks like when you sign something like this and then you file it in the court you have elected you’re never going back on it so are you getting the gist of what i think of Garry steinberg what i think of

what i think of and how i now view these notices of assignment and it’s and how i feel about being taken care of in this way i i hope that tells you where they R now okay we’re going to deep dive in season 2 deep dive and when i say deep like it may be a series of dives we may i actually think that there’s a lot here so we’re not going to get into this in huge detail today but we’re just going to quickly have a look at westpac we’re going to have a look at a couple of more things to do with Garry reliance mahony that whole mess

we may come back to 131mvr as that progresses depending on what the liquidator does and so on we are interested and we’re a creditor and this is a fair game andrew gartrell

very long story adam tilly now this is a guy that loaned money to craig adams and then subsequently loaned money to ralph paligaru and that’s not a crime but well we’re going to look at him in season two as well adam tilly now pacific 8 kesinda oh justin hatfield now justin hatfield’s fingerprints were on lots and lots of these documents that were given to adam tilly and look we we we may need to come back and have a look at aqua law i’m very very disappointed with with them and so we’ll just have a look at it now moving on to westpac well what’s we’ve touched on westpac and there are a few things on our blog already there’s a westpac who why a where and how but just in the very briefest of terms how what. what what is westpac about um

there is quite a lot to this there really actually is quite a lot to westpac and we’ll start with these submissions and these are submissions that were given to the supreme court of new south wales i am certainly not accusing the barristers of any wrongdoing but i am saying that someone misled the barristers and so that is the scandal it’s mr ollis had this seemingly magic cheque book that he could write out to checks for two hundred thousand fifty thousand for four hundred thousand and they would just magically magically put money in his account every day and well that’s bad enough but the real scandal and mr ollis did not go to jail so he was not convicted of any fraud he wasn’t even charged with any fraud

so no one’s accusing him of anything although he did write cheques if we go now to let’s have a look at this individual this word individual only appears once in this document and it appears in paragraph 38 and it says that it is clear and this is what i’m saying the scandal is it is clear on the evidence so this is what the barristers are writing is clear on the on the evidence or at least the evidence that the barristers have seen so if they haven’t seen it well they’re not misleading anyone but if they were not shown it that’s what i’m saying may well be the scandal it is clear on the evidence that the bank made these payments well they certainly made payments and we’re going to show you the bank’s statements in a moment and that and that no individual so that’s fairly clear no individual within the bank knew so maybe the computer knew but they’re saying these barristers in their submissions to the supreme court say that no individual ah within the bank okay so was that someone outside the bank that knew this is well that’s interesting no individual within the bank so that does not mean that individuals outside the bank didn’t know but this is the evidence they’re saying the evidence is that no individuals within the bank knew until so the first individual in the bank knew on the 12th of january 2006 and i am saying that that is false now i’m not accusing the barristers of anything they may well have been kept in the dark or maybe it was an individual outside the bank that knew very interesting no individual  well sorry i keep saying new things until the 12th of january of the drawings being made by alice on his business account so let’s have a look at this business account and see what were those drawings and you be the judge like this this is only a shallow dive we’re going to say i’m saying people inside the bank actually knew

these bank statements are 72 pages long on every single page is his stuff but um

This word invalid now the submission was until the 12th of january 2006. well i’m saying here’s the bank statement seven months early on the 17th of june and i’m saying that an individual in the bank wrote the word invalid and that is knowledge they knew on that day they knew that this was there was an invalidity now that’s not what the the submissions say they say no one knew of the drawings so we’re kind of splitting hairs here but someone knew that there was this invalid replenishment authority and at this point on the 17th of june he was writing checks for forty thousand dollars and there was replenishments happening at forty thousand and eighteen dollars on that day now let’s go let’s march on to page say sixty and i have absolutely so much the the credits there’s 10.3 million dollars going in and out of the account i mean wow i wonder if that was normal and i wonder if anyone was watching this i’m going to say no so this this bloke would come to work every morning and there’d be zero dollars in the account and then by december this is four and a half million dollars just turns up in his bank account in the morning wow that’s a good day 4.1 million dollars he’d write on the 1st of december he wrote a check for 400 000. now if we go back to the the previous one on the 17th of june he’s only writing checks for 40 000 and in six months he’s gotten bolder and he’s now writing checks for four hundred thousand dollars and they’re still being honoured but the evidence the submissions were that no individual within the bank knew until the 12th of january and i’m calling that BS and if we go into the next page yeah this time instead of writing word invalid someone’s written their pco status these are these are bits of evidence of knowledge so again we’ll get we’ll do a deep dive and we’ll get into this in more detail

now let’s go and have a further look at some of the things that we’re going to look at in season 2 and i mentioned steinberg we’re going to have a look at this seemingly innocuous case a national australia bank v smith now i’m not making any of this up and by the way that’s not me that’s someone else by that name this is a case that was heard in 2013 and you know this is this is a public document and ghs that’s that’s a related company of reliance they were part of it we’re going to we’re going to go into this case so that’s something we’re going to have a good dive at

we’re also going to have a look at mr mahony and mr mahony is a is a borrower of of of reliance so Garry steinberg one of his borrowers is reliance and Garry gets a mention in this as well and reliance leasing so this is again this is real this is something that anyone can go to and put in the name mahony and and the council of the law society took on mr mahony and what did they take him on for well let’s have a look at this they they took an objection to the complaint the solicitor falsely witnessed the signature of this particular person and and who should be there but mr steinberg mr steinberg’s here as well so mr steinberg gets around and it’s it’s i was unaware of some of these things but mr steinberg goes back further with people and the if we jump to this this account this matter of nab v smith well that’s also involves mr steinberg and there’s problems with the signature on documents there as well so these are not my opinions this is not these are factual findings the supreme court or the civil administrative tribunal in the case of the mahony and mr steinberg seems to find his way into you know these situations all the time

andrew gartrell has a problem with the signature as well and Andrew gartrell, i i he knows Garry steinberg as well and adam tilly well adam tilly i don’t know how well he knows mr steinberg although they do know each other and ben and tim horne though well they know mr steinberg mahony knows mr steinberg mohan kumar he’s met mr steinberg and ralph paligaru well the only people here that don’t know each other steinberg knows 131mvr and he’s a creditor of that as well this is you know very troubling

so these are some of the things that we’re going to look at in season 2 there’s going to be plenty more so stay tuned and i’ll come back and we’ll wrap up now

we’ll look in closing thank you so much for joining us in 2021 and 2020 and hopefully you’re joining us again in 2022 we appreciate your efforts we appreciate the messages of support we appreciate the instant chat tools if you have any questions if you have any questions give us a call 1-300-327-123 or come and visit us in the bottom right hand corner of our website

and you can instant chat with us there in the bottom right hand corner if you’ve got any questions at all you want to talk to us you want to send us an email whatever you can call us again as i said 1300 327123 my name is mark smith i’d love to talk to you i’m i’m very keen i’m very willing to talk to anyone anytime about anything so give us a call happy christmas happy new year i hope it’s a great 2022 and thank you again see you soon


Written By: Mark Smith