Mark's Businesses

Different things each of his businesses do

Mark's different businesses are arranged by companies and geography to perform various different functions or deliver various different solutions. 

Click the headers below to explore these businesses FYI.

Business Asset Protection - business advisory, management consulting and business blogging.

DCP Capital - for your business finance requirements.

DCPUT is our farmer operation and farm landowning entity with DCP Nominees its trustee company.  

DCP Solutions - solutions and advisory trading entity, blogging.

Mark J Smith - sole trader, MBA, Juris Doctor Law graduate, business & management consultant.

Snowgums Group - hospitality and farm produce.  

Snowgums Group is a business name owned by DCP Solutions, not to be confused with the farmer / land owning entity which is DCP Nominees as trustee for DCP Unit Trust.  

Snowgums Events - for your event and party supplies.

Singapore based import/export trading branch - presently dormant during covid border closures.